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((eemmm fedorable? are you sure? i just se a random sylveon nahualt thing with a hat ))

((*sobs* this is the most near i will be on draw more like the generic pokemon style…

askfeunard  i already draw a detailed picture of a character of you and i feel like it would make it unfair that only you get two of those drawings in comparation to the other ones that give me suggestions, so i hope you don`t mine if i only do a flat drawing of Adam))

((welp i tried :V 

ask-no094 here is your cute! ))

ask-poch sent: ((if you still doing the "k", I WANT THE "K" from magnus!))


((Hot Flareon and Hot Sylveon B) ))

((yes good…now just need a fedora an we gonna have a really hot duo))

((i still have some other pokemon character …but i wanted to draw Poch, ok?

askshinyshayminenrique  hey look is Enrique! ,

sorry if the image looks different on letter and more, i made one of them on other app

((William!!! i i love you my baby but i need to wait to start drawing you ;^;

have your cute Xander ask-a-shiny-eevee !))

(( leroy my baby one of this days i will update your blog *sobs*

why i always have problems with the cartoony styles D:, oh well…

here have your handsome Magnus i really love his desing <3

((Sorry if this is not understandable on this moment, this will be explained on the next post if is possible))